Gawahon Eco Park Entrance Fee and Rental Rates

Entrance Fee and Rental Rates (In Pesos)

Entrance Fee
Adult - P20 per person
Children - P10 per person
Motorcycle - P 10 per unit
Tricycle - P10 per unit
Light Vehicle -P15 per unit
Bus/Truck - P30 per unit

Bath House Fee
Adult - P15 per person
Children - P10 per person

Swimming Pool - P50 per person
Kiddie Pool _p30 per person

Boating Lagoon
Kayak - P50/boat/hour
Paddle Boat - P30/boat/hour

Villas, Rooms and Cottages
Staff House - P1,500 per day
Viewing Deck Villa - P2,000 per day
Executive Suite - P1,500 per day
Duplex Rooms - P1,200/room/day
Multi-Purpose Hall - P1,000 per use
Barangay Cottages/Picnic Hut - P300 per cottage

Miscellaneous Fee
Fishing Gear -P20 per set/day
Table - P20 per piece/day
Chair - P10 per piece/day
Extra Set (Foam, Pillow and blanket) - P110 per set/day
Extra Pillow - P20 per piece/day
Extra Blanket -P30 per piece/day

Contact Details:
Mayor's Office - +63 (34) 399-3459
Gawahon Eco Tourism Dev't. Office - +63 (34) 399-3141
City Planning & Dev't. Office - +63 (34) 399-3443
City Communication & Information Office - +63 (34) 399-3627

For Booking look for Jonalyn at Mayor's Office - +63 (34) 399-3459


That guy from California said...

Another fine gem on the Victorias Crown!

Tibornok said...

A good place to be chilled when the heat of the sun is high. I love to be there again... But I ask the government to upgrade their security inorder to attract more tourist.