Gawahon Eco Park Entrance Fee and Rental Rates

Entrance Fee and Rental Rates (In Pesos)

Entrance Fee
Adult - P20 per person
Children - P10 per person
Motorcycle - P 10 per unit
Tricycle - P10 per unit
Light Vehicle -P15 per unit
Bus/Truck - P30 per unit

Bath House Fee
Adult - P15 per person
Children - P10 per person

Swimming Pool - P50 per person
Kiddie Pool _p30 per person

Boating Lagoon
Kayak - P50/boat/hour
Paddle Boat - P30/boat/hour

Villas, Rooms and Cottages
Staff House - P1,500 per day
Viewing Deck Villa - P2,000 per day
Executive Suite - P1,500 per day
Duplex Rooms - P1,200/room/day
Multi-Purpose Hall - P1,000 per use
Barangay Cottages/Picnic Hut - P300 per cottage

Miscellaneous Fee
Fishing Gear -P20 per set/day
Table - P20 per piece/day
Chair - P10 per piece/day
Extra Set (Foam, Pillow and blanket) - P110 per set/day
Extra Pillow - P20 per piece/day
Extra Blanket -P30 per piece/day

Contact Details:
Mayor's Office - +63 (34) 399-3459
Gawahon Eco Tourism Dev't. Office - +63 (34) 399-3141
City Planning & Dev't. Office - +63 (34) 399-3443
City Communication & Information Office - +63 (34) 399-3627

For Booking look for Ms. Melba Silava at Mayor's Office - +63 (34) 399-3459


That guy from California said...

Another fine gem on the Victorias Crown!

Tibornok said...

A good place to be chilled when the heat of the sun is high. I love to be there again... But I ask the government to upgrade their security inorder to attract more tourist.

Ish Gonzales said...

is this updated?

malihaw said...

All fees are still the same...please call ms. melba silava at 399-3459 for booking and inquiries.
thank you